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.Turn in the road (3 point turn)

On test you will be asked to " turn the car round to face the opposite way using forward and reverse gears - try not to touch the kerb when turning "

* When moving off, set the clutch just below biting point unless on a steep hill, where the clutch would need to be slightly higher. (small petrol engine cars will require a steady flow of acceleration) We used a diesel 2 litre not requiring much revs for this film.

* Take good all round observations at all times - if you are not sure whether an approaching driver will stop when you are on the second or third stage, - wait - but be ready to move off - don't wait until the driver is so close to you where you have to set the handbrake, gear and clutch at the last minute.

* This exercise is based on a road with a steep camber. Certain roads you may not require the handbrake.

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